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KeoShiguna's Blog


Roi is a character of mine who is a android he uses his core to get his power since it was replaced instead of his heart a little back story before i begin he was killing in a fight at age 18 so he got taken to the medical places he then got captured by a scientist who replaced his heart with a core ((cause of death gunshot))
He is now a android who wants peace killing everyone evil.
Name: Roi
Height: 5.4
Weight: 130
Family: Execution towards his mom and brother
Actual age: 18
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Brown
Core color: Orange ofc.
Race Path: He can become a perfect android and has special techniques pft.
Techniques: Barrier
Fighting Style: He tends to go for the kill alot because he wants to kill the evil people and he created his own and at the start it is just a boxing type
Personality: He is a nice person and is cocky when it comes down to fighting since they are mostly humans
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