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(Kiara Choi )
25 / Female / In Like
Mystic falls , Atlanta, Georgia - United States
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Hi I’m kiara Choi

Name:Kiara Choi


Occupation: model , stripper , student, entrepreneur , college student


Location: South Korea ,Kentucky

Languages: Korean , English , French , German

Species: human , vampire

Info: Kiara is ordinary citizen rich bratty who lives as a model enjoys looking at arts travelling around the world promising her parents she can have small apartment taking responsibility looking after the place with few friends enjoy occasional being bullied high school doing work out or cleaning to be busy tries to be successful occasionally dates guys and girls romantic platonic on her days off likes go out party , girls night in , watch movies , go to sauna to relax likes meeting new people and helping other.

Personality: energetic, fun, sweet , kind

Hobbies: working out at the gym, running, meeting new people , parties , cleaning, cooking , watch movies , girls night , go to sauna relax , clothes shopping

Sexuality: bisexual leans towards guys and girls, LGBT friendly

R/S: single poly open right relationship

Likes: cute boys and girls , chocolate , clothes shopping , long walks , watching stars , poems , smoothies , holding hands, hugs and cuddles

Dislikes: liars , cheaters, fakes , pickles , chilli food , thunder and lightning , creeps

18 + dark mature supernatural horror and Mordern Romance/ er*t*c stories

Mxf , fxf

Step Dad x step little daughter

Photographer x model

Model x bodyguard
Model x police officer

Model x model

Boss x office assistant

Vampire x human

Werewolf x human

Stalker x victim

Series killer x victim

Mafia daughter x rival gang leader

Family guy

Take a hint girl isn’t interested if she avoid you she clearly isn’t interested I mean it

If your creepy or hostile will hard blocked don’t care protecting myself

If you have ideas in mind tell me they can be negotiated in dms

Writing example:

One liner: - kiara goes to modelling studio drinks water gets ready to model -

Para:- kiara goes to model looks at the camera holds her coat smile , gives cheeky flirt with her lips -

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