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19 / Female / Single and Looking
Oregon - United States
I have a few things to make everyone's life easier when we roleplay. When you text me, please send me the following:

•A character of mine you want me to roleplay as and any changes you have (they're almost all made for fantasy but I can change them to be realistic)
•1st or 3rd person
•length of RP replies

My favorite genres include: Romance, Fantsy, Action, Sci-Fi, Action, Sport, and Realistic

I like all genres but those are my favorites

I prefer longer RP replies. The longer, the better

I don't do fandom characters since I'm afraid of being OOC, but I love rping with people who do (and people who roleplay with them realistically)

I love drawing, writing, and will do almost anything in a roleplay. I am not shy and am interested in all sorts of things, so don't be shy to message me. I can't wait to talk to you :D

Latest Comments

Jan 27th 2020 21:37

Happy thanksgiving Katie! I’m thankful to have such a great friend like you! You’re so kind and caring, I’m glad I met you! <3
*hugs you*
Nov 28th 2019 10:08