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25 / Male / Single and Looking
I'm looking for a babygirl or sub to be my lil kitten. I will be loving caring or dominating demanding or whatever you want me to be. I can be your daddy or master. This isn't a roleplay, & I'm interested in long-term. As our time differs, add me on snapchat (kanejord2020). So that we talk & discuss on how to proceed further. What you say (interested or not ) ? PS : I'm brown, if that matters

If you are interested then please read below: -

Well, have to clear few things & some rules before we go on :-
1) This isn't a roleplay, you have to be my babygirl or sub or baby.
2) You have to call me by daddy(babygirl), master/sir(sub/slave) What you choose?
3) You have to wish me good morning & night daily to maintain continuity in our thing. (this apply to me also)
4) If you open the text you have to reply (this apply to me also) ( you can send - "ttly", but some reply is must )
5) As i am interested in long-term, so any confusion, concern will be solved by us discussing it .
6) You have to follow this rules, if you want something to change let me know (We can make rules as according to our needs in future.)

Now, i want you to write something against each point, because it shows you are interested too. And i want you to put efforts from your sides too.

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