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(Kaneki Ken)
114 / Male / Forever Alone
Massachusetts - United States
so I'm leaving...again...and i dont know if im coming back...sorry everyone.... But if you do end up passing my page or profile whatever ya wanna call it heh.... And if you do wanna talk or roleplay umm don't be scared or shy to add me on discord... Its where I'll be.... Anyways see ya there..! (My discord is Kaneki_Ken#7467..)

~Kaneki Ken

Ah sometimes life gives you a broken light bulb.. But all you have to do is take the time to fix it.. Its not that hard..right..?

Latest Questions

Q. Its better then me, Doing it Ha, Yeah But I wonder how you roleplay, Please.?
A. Come on you can't be that bad..!
 Jun 8th 2018 20:23

Q. Please? can you Join, I know your not into it I guess :(
A. Why me..?
 Jun 8th 2018 20:18

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Thank you for the accept
May 6th 2018 08:39