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Susanoo` No Mikoto

Susanoo` was born to a noble family, known as the Mikoto. The male was named after the very deity in the hopes that he'd inherit the noble bloodline, and be chosen by the deity as his future host. He was born with merely one sibling, an older brother named Sanada. Sanada was a mere year and a half older than Ano` himself, though their relationship had always walked on heated rocks, even from a young age as the two were raised by their father in constant competition to one another. A battle to be the best son was unveiled with the fury of a hurricane. A childhood made from bragging and stepping on the other's shoes made for an unhealthy upbringing for both siblings.

Once Susanoo` hit the age of ten, his selection had finally uncovered itself. His brother, Sanada grew envious as his parent's admiration fully set on his younger sibling. As such, Sanada refused to speak or interact with his sibling, avoiding dinners, and any other social events that would place the two in the same room. Sanada even insisted on training separately from his own blood brother.

Malice manifested over the years as Ano` grew all the more impressive, inhuman speeds, and impressive swordsmanship, manifested from their very ancestor. At the age of seventeen, Sanada challenged his brother to noble combat, a battle of honor, where the loser would be banished from their homeland.

Their father saw will in his son, invoking the competition regardless of the younger Susanoo`s disagreements. The two engaged in combat at the dawn of day, within minutes, their battle was over. The younger, more inexperienced child had lost. Ano` was banished from his homeland, and sent to join the Mikoto'n armies where he'd be forced to participate in the warfare against the Kaga clans, which attempted to siege their homeland back from the Mikoto.

Ano` fought in countless battles over the years, his first saw him losing his first limb, his left arm. The young man was pulled from the battlefield in a retreat effort and kept his life. Though, learning to wield a blade with his non-dominant hand was difficult, he eventually saw the next battle, a mere two weeks after the first. It is here, his nickname began to arise in clarity; The Raging Blade.

Two armies, one made of up two hundred men, and a much weaker force of seventy faced off. By the end, it was zero to forty. The efforts of the warriors who fought alongside Ano`, their persistence, and 'divine' power led them to victory. After countless years of bloodshed, battle to battle, Ano` lost limbs, though most were lost to his rival and moderate friend in arms; Ares.

Eventually, Ano` departed from his homeland's military, opting to take up his duties as a Kami over a warrior bound to his family. His limbs were all tailored in custom, to be blades, and somewhat functioning limbs. He travels TeibĂ­, in search of mighty beasts to slay and collect rewards from. However, one day, he intends to return home, his name honored, so he can live with his family.
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