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"He has long walked this road of desperation. He's lost his arms, his legs.. Yet, his rage ushers his brittle body on. Thy rage is the storm that crackles your foe, which topples civilizations. Your heart, is but an empty shell, counting the moments until your life ceases. He is destruction.. he is a Kami."

My mainstay character is my OC merely dubbed; Susanoo.

He is a Kami; A Vessel chosen to reincarnate as the mighty deity well; Susanoo. Of course, he's not the only Kami within existence, many others exist and are raised to fulfill their fates. Though there are clear occasions where one is uninformed and they must learn naturally.

He travels the godly realms, hunting demons and claiming new divine weaponry along the way. Facing any and all foes which demand his attention. Though mostly calm, in moments of distress, he will awaken his Kami abilities and unveil devastation upon his enemies.

Ano, is a young man, ranging in at twenty-three on average, though sometimes he will be nineteen to the aforementioned age. He spent his childhood being raised by an elderly woman, who taught him of his destiny, and of the sword. Otherwise, he's lived his life slaying bandits, beasts, and various other supernatural foes.

{I bid you hello, stranger. I am a pretty experienced roleplayer who once had an account on here long ago. However, due to a wide variety of personal conflicts I had to take my leave. As you can see, I have humbly returned in search of wonderous friendship, and storytelling. I am quite rusty, and as such, I may or may not let an individual down in the writing room. Regardless, if you'd like to roleplay with me, please add me. I will do my best.}

I will leave my rules here, they are quite simple so I imagine we won't be having many issues.

1. If you add me, please message me first. It's merely sincere. Attempt to have some kind of an idea in hand as well, it helps a ton.

2. Godmodding simply is not alright. I'm certain anyone with any roleplay experience lives with this rule like it's a billion dollars. So, please mind it.

3. You may harass my DM's if I haven't replied in some time. However, I'd prefer it if you did it respectfully.

4. If you lose interest in our story, please tell me. I assume we could work out how to pace ourselves toward a solution. If not, kindly remove me and find someone more capable.

5. Finally, my final rule is simply, please attempt to respond to me within a week. I will not remove you unless your reply time becomes absurd (such as a month or two) and I am merely lacking a reason. If I do remove you by chance, due to time; Feel free to add me back whenever you've returned.

I allow MxF and MxM roleplay. However, none of my characters are bottoms, even if they seem on the more passive side.

If you can manage that, feel free to pass me an add!

Thank you.

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