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Heian "dating" plot

So this plot is kinda following how cheating and polygamy was very common within the Heian court, so it's not exactly dating, it's just an easier way to explain this compared to the political courtship they had in place.

So your character finds my character, Kagami, to be rather attractive but she's known to be a married woman. However, being the main wife to a nobleman who has other wives to gallivant around with, Kagami tends to be neglected. In fact, she lives in a separate part of the estate from her husband, so it would be rather easy to conduct an affair. The only issue is, how to initiate said affair. Step one: Introduce a small amount of aggression. The perfect example would be to take her away from the public eye and somewhere more private. Step two: Show weakness. During the Heian period, pity was the same as love, and to show signs of weakness was very attractive. Sure, she will resist at first, but that was customary at the time. Kagami can't be seen as an easy woman and she knows who's really in control of the situation is her. Of course, she will accept your character's offer, and after several secret meetings like this, she reveals something even her husband doesn't know.
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Heian Political Marriage Plot

(Feel free to ask for more details about the specifics of marriage between nobles during the Heian Period in Japan, but I'm going to simplify things for the sake of focusing on the plot)

So your character has sent a letter as a proposal to my character, Kagami. Everything is going going well, exchanging letters to each other, sneaking away to be with each other for two nights. However, on the third night where they would solidify their marriage to each other, she ends up revealing a family secret that may end up ruining the marriage entirely. Will your character still accept her and understand why she kept it a secret? Or will your character feel betrayed and leave?
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