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(Kagami Minamoto)
20 / Female / Single
United States
I'm a pretty chill roleplayer, though due to being a college student, I can be quite busy. I have a very big interest in ancient culture, currently with Japanese culture throughout history, so I'm more than happy enough to do a little research for a roleplay idea. I'm also into anime, not that surprising, as well as cosplay. Feel free to ask about any other interests I have, I'm more than happy to respond. FYI I'm straight, some what selective on who I add, and not afraid to block people.


1) You add, you speak first. You got three days before I unfriend you. If I add, I obviously would speak to you first.

2) I like to discuss the rp before we begin, otherwise someone's going to be pretty upset with it being ruined intentionally. Same goes for anything with adult themes. I don't want to suddenly see a detailed description of a mutilated corpse or suddenly thrusted into a steamy situation without warning.

3) Let me know if you need time before replying. I don't like being ghosted for months at a time.