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Kaeya's Blog


Another day, another evening with old men and acting all flirty to people in front of Diluc, in his tavern. He might look like he is trying to annoy his brother, but actually has the inner, but not yet so well accepted by his mind, desire to attract Diluc.
He is sat by one of the tables, talking to some people. He doesn't lack charm at all.

Meanwhile, Yoimiya and who decided to go with her reach the tavern and take a seat by another table.
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1 | 60 Comments | Jan 3rd 2023 14:17

An egg?

He is one particular child. He doesn't talk much yet, but one strange feature is that he never really cries, he is so calm in attitude.
Just that he is always a child, a curious baby. He doesn't have any toy, so he looks among others' things to find something interesting and he does. It is a colourful egg of various colours, shades of purple, white and dark blue.
He takes it to the other room, throwing it in the air like a ball.
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1 | 41 Comments | Nov 20th 2022 15:00

A new life: from Yung WuXin to Kenji Kaeya.

He is WuXin, but due to the circumstances of his sudden come back, he is not the Avatar of Light nor has memories of the past. WuXin saw what was happening and insisted with the Gods he needed to return, even earlier than he should, without his proper powers. He hoped that for XinLan, recognizing him would be enough to...heal. For this reason, he ends up in a weaker body, with weaker powers, but at least in a descendant family of his LanJi.
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1 | 0 Comments | Nov 18th 2022 01:57


He tries to keep an eye on them when he has to, there is a a cafe near their building and he spends some time there too, he can't be directly with them all the timr, just to see who leaves and who comes in. Most times there is nothing interesting, he learnt the timings of other people living in the building.
Unluckily he can't seriously be every single moment keeping an eye on them. Indeed he receives the message from HaoLin in an unlucky time, he is busy...spending his free time in pleasant ways.
He sees the message only the morning after and runs to their place. He knocks at the door.
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2 | 37 Comments | May 23rd 2022 15:11

Facts about him.

He is not a good boy, but not the typical 'manly man'.
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0 | 0 Comments | May 17th 2022 02:17