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(Three Raccoons Ina Trench Coat)
26 / Other / Married
Nonya, Virginia - United States
I'm new on this account, I've been here a few times and dropped off due to a few things. I'm pretty lenient, I'll respect your boundaries, so please respect mine.
Just so we're clear, I never start chatting in rp, I always want to get some sort of plot, please, *please* do not message me in character, I won't respond in character because my brain has not processed being in character yet. And if I disappear for a while, its not intentional, I have a life, and work outside of this site. I will always return and apologize for disappearing.

Please, I try to always respect others boundaries, respect mine, I'm here to do something I enjoy, I'd like for it to remain that way.

I'm non binary, born fem, I go by all pronouns

Let me know if you prefer discord to here seeings as it's faster.

If you like DND hit me up <3 unless I'm at work I'm always down for a good DND session.

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Q. Well I guess I should have guessed that you were enjoying it,.. you're up later then you were last night and yeah,.. his ego is getting in the way right now though. XD
A. Yeah, and I really should be asleep.
 Dec 16th 2021 22:50

Q. Two questions,...
1. Are you enjoying our roleplay?
2. Even though he's not wanting to admit it yet,.. is Kakashi (non-romantically of course) falling in love with little Naruto yet? Sure seems like it. :)
A. 1) yes it's cute.
2) obviously, he's the cutest little boy, how couldn't he?
 Dec 16th 2021 22:40

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