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(Tristen Martin)
21 / Male / Single
Chattanooga, Tennessee - United States is my best friend mess with her I'll beat your ass

I love to roleplay, draw, read, listen to music, write music, play guitar and trumpet, I play the trumpet in my school marching band/ concert band.

I love country music, and country rap, southern rock, metalcore, hard rock, a little rap not much

I love to write books, and play video games

I love Star Wars
And Teen Wolf

Latest Status

Where is everyone at today
1  Oct 22nd 2020 11:43

Latest Questions

Q. Hi sorry to be so M.I.A. with you but can we find a way to maybe make our rp work again
A. Yeah sorry I've just been really busy and it's my birthday today so I'm hanging with my friends
 Dec 3rd 2019 19:46

Mxmxcita asked the question
Q. Am I considered to be one of your RP buddies? I’m just curious that’s all x3
A. Well yeah and one of my best friend
 Nov 8th 2019 08:00

Latest Comments

Going okay so far
Sep 25th 2020 12:30

Aww thanks if you want yours done just look at my last post.
Sep 24th 2020 16:47

Hi i would like to rp uwith you. But at the moment just wall to wall because my inbox doesn't works.
May 26th 2020 20:11

I'm Cat!
May 6th 2020 13:25

Thanks was just having a late dinner i'll reply soon
Apr 1st 2020 00:08

Feb 22nd 2020 19:52

In the middle of packing. Moving end of the month so
Feb 10th 2020 23:11

Hi how are you?
Feb 10th 2020 21:55

Sorry been pretty busy but suggest me something
Jan 17th 2020 12:45

To be honest not sure
Jan 15th 2020 22:48