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22 / Female / Single
Louisville, Kentucky - United States
I'm a serious roleplayer, therefore I'm going to have some rules and expectations.


1. Must be 18 or older to roleplay with me.
2. I'll do rp's ranging from anything rated PG to R, although I do have my own restrictions.
3. Not allowed: smut, nudity, sex, er*t*ca, or rape.
4. Is allowed: gore, frightening images, violence, intense language.
5. You must be literate. No lazy writing. Assuming English is your first language, I would expect you to be decent at spelling and using punctuation marks and vocabulary.
6. No one liners. If you send a one liner I’ll probably ask you to write more.
7. If you haven’t replied to the roleplay within two weeks and I’ve seen that you’ve been active on your account, then I’ll remind you about the roleplay. If I still don’t hear from you after a few days, then I’ll unfriend you. I get that you probably get busy, and have real lives (I do too) but at least be polite and give a heads up if you’re not gonna reply for an extended amount of time. If you don’t like the roleplay or want me to do something different, then let me know. Communicate with me. Don’t just unfriend and block me. That will leave me confused and irritated.

Latest Questions

Cat-like asked the question
Q. Will u be on tomorrow and the day after? 2/19 and 2/20?
A. I’m pretty much on here everyday, and I have this site downloaded on my phone so I check it frequently.
 Feb 19th 2019 00:35

Latest Comments

So I know it’s been a long time since I’ve replied to some of you, and I apologize. I’m really busy with school and this week will also be busy until this next week I’ll be more free during Thanksgiving break. But this week I’ll be going through my messages a little bit at a time. There are some of you in roleplays I need to get back to and some where we were discussing roleplays by haven’t started anything yet. Regardless I haven’t forgotten and thanks for your all’s patience.
Nov 11th 2018 18:06

I hate when I get unfriended but then can’t tell who it was that unfriended me. I guess that’s a good thing though, just means we weren’t doing an important rp.
Sep 25th 2018 20:16

For those of you that are doing a roleplay with Cassara in a fantasy setting, or we are discussing a rp, I have updated part of her backstory in her blog so I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out, I know it’s a bit lengthy but it’d mean a lot. Thanks!
Sep 23rd 2018 23:11

So if I don’t reply to you this weekend it’s because I’m out of town and I’m doing most of the driving while I’m away. I’ll reply to everyone as soon as I get back.
Jul 12th 2018 13:09

I realized earlier that I’ve been slacking at replying, but I believe I’m all caught up now!
Jul 11th 2018 02:01

Yet another person unfriended (and probably blocked) me after discussing a Roleplay. I was very excited to try a rp with this persons character but they never replied once we got the plot settled. I asked them once in the messages if we were gonna donthe roleplay, never heard from them. Asked them on their comments, nicely, if we were gonna rp. Never heard anything and this morning I noticed that this person unfriended me. I swear, i get so much anxiety because I can’t tell what I’m doing that people don’t want to Roleplay with me, after we’ve gone through the trouble of setting one up.

Sorry, that was probably long. I just needed to rant about that.
Jun 28th 2018 10:20

Oops! It seems I fell asleep while making my rounds of replies to you guys. My bad. I’ll get you all.
Jun 23rd 2018 09:07

Okay y’all. The charger to my computer broke so for now I’ll be exclusively on my phone for awhile. I do most roleplaying on my phone, but I’ve been working on plots and characters which is easier for me to do on the computer. So I may be active on here but not responsive right away because I’m on here working on characters and plots on my phone.
Jun 21st 2018 19:11

Why the f*** would you try to start a rp with me and then delete and block me right before we start? I hate when people do that. Did I do something wrong? I was excited to roleplay with you but you decide to block me instead? People, please, if you have a problem with me just be straightforward. It’s cruel to just disappear from someone and make them wonder what they did wrong.
Jun 13th 2018 16:47