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16 / Female / Its Complicated
Florida - United States
Send me a message, I don't bite

I can be a very dark person, so just be warned. If you want to know which ways I can get dark, just ask. Just know that it may not be to your liking...

I'd love to do any kind of roleplay, all you have to do is ask. If you have any questions about characters or different fandoms, please ask.

I'm yandere.. so expect me to be insane.

Sometimes I won't be online, that's kinda just how life is.

I don't care how long your responses are, but please be literate... I'm begging you, please be literate.

I draw a whole lot, it's a problem...

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Boruto asked the question
Q. Want to do that RP of ours?
A. Sure
 Jan 22nd 2019 06:50

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Mar 1st 2019 17:10

"Oy! You there!" The british male yelled to get your attention "I'm Oliver Sykes. The lead vocalist of the band Bring Me The Horizon. But you can also call me Oli, for short." He introduced himself and flashed a charming smile. "I just wanted to say, thanks for accepting my friend request. If you ever want to chat, then send me a message, beautiful."
Feb 3rd 2019 18:14

Way more~
Jan 5th 2019 20:52

I Definitely do~
Jan 5th 2019 20:46

I love you more~
Jan 5th 2019 20:29