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(Juliette Zebulon)
18 / Female / In Like
The most beautiful island on earth, Netherlands
Juliette is a very clumsy assassin's daughter, doing her best to please her father by solving the dirty work for him, but her heart is big and made of the purest gold. She has a hard time getting herself to kill someone, but will if she absolutely must, She's small, about 5" if not less, and very kind. She has bright orange curls and green eyes. Her favourite weapon is a small dagger, her favourite animal is a fox, not that that is exactly relevant, but it's kind of cute

Latest Status

Been doing horrible today, but I'll be working on replies right now :)
2  Jan 16th 2021 00:58

Latest Questions

Q. Hey kanjer hoe gaat het met je. Ik heb je gemist
A. Ik ben een beetje ziek aan het worden, maar ik red me wel, hoe is het met jou?
 Jan 18th 2021 05:52

Q. Ik adem nog steeds. Hou je het een beetje vol allemaal?
A. Ja 't gaat me nog aardig af, ben wel moe, as usual.
 Jan 12th 2021 12:12

Latest Comments

Jan 20th 2021 07:26

hey kanjer hoe gaat het nu?
Jan 17th 2021 10:56

How are u
Jan 17th 2021 01:42

Hoe dat zo? Wat gaf het weg?
Jan 10th 2021 15:22

Wat wist je?
Jan 10th 2021 15:20

Niet haten is niet goed voor je :P
Jan 10th 2021 15:17

Really a dutchie??
Jan 10th 2021 15:14

I haven't heard from you in a couple weeks. Did you still want to rp or no?
Dec 5th 2020 10:20

Dec 5th 2020 10:18

Nov 27th 2020 10:56