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23 / Male / Single
Hello strangers~!

I'm Sona and I'm excited to write amazing stories with you~!
I'm a very cooperative person with an open mind, let's get to writing~!

No one-liners please, I like my paragraphs rich in detail!
Sm*t is ok as long as the story allows it.
Open to try almost anything in terms of scenarios and stories.

When it comes to romance and +18 activities, my characters are all subs (Just felt like making this clear~)

Well, that's all (for now), see you all around!

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Latest Status

Hello friends! I'll be playing 'Ninja Gaiden' today- I might not get to any replies.

I promise I'll try my best to squeeze some time for the site. I might need a break from all the stories that ended abruptly and left me kind of bummed out.

I'll bounce back though and give 200% of my attention to you, my fellow writers who I respect a lot!

I just need some time to charge my batteries, hahah~!
Mood: drained
1  Jul 18th 2024 07:11

Latest Comments

A truly splendid fellow, I highly recommend him as a roleplaying friend! Very agreeable and sweet, so add him 100%!
Jun 12th 2024 08:36