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(Kim Taehyung)
23 / Male / Engaged
wherever my baby is, Korea (South)
@PUDDIN - I still don't deserve you. I f★cked up badly, yet, you still firgave me and stayed. I took advantage of you, yet, you never left. I actually mean it when I say I love you, when I say I will die without you. I mean every word. I'm sorry I'm screwed up in the head.

190109 - I asked you be mine.

190809 - I asked you to marry me.

Latest Questions

PUDDIN asked the question
Q. F*** now I really want a child ;(
A. We'll get there my live
 Aug 25th 2019 19:40

PUDDIN asked the question
Q. Can't you just imagine it?
A. Mhm
 Aug 25th 2019 19:32

Latest Comments

What do you even mean? When the hell did I leave for Jungkook?
Aug 24th 2019 15:39

I do love you though! Way more than you love me!
Aug 24th 2019 15:36

I'm not a liar! >:(
Aug 24th 2019 15:35

Aug 15th 2019 18:43

Aug 15th 2019 17:15