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(Kim Taehyung)
23 / Male / Single
Korea (South)

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❝It's been way too long, since I seen you, looked you in your eyes, riding 'round the town and staying out, don't wanna say goodbye. Everything's so different now, you're just what I'm missing now, but I know that I can't have you back, I guess, I'm tripping now. Sometimes I start missin' you crazy.

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Latest Questions

PUDDIN asked the question
Q. Then what will you do, Marry me? Nice joke, you wouldn't marry someone you hate.
A. Indo if it's arranged
 Aug 18th 2019 02:07

PUDDIN asked the question
Q. You still do...eventually you'll even kill me off.
A. No
 Aug 18th 2019 02:05

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