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Q. Hmmm if you could fuck any chick in the batman saga who would it be? Lol
A. Well then... xD I think I'd have to go with Poison Ivy (Sorry Harley :3)
 Mar 28th 2016 15:11

Q. Are you alright?
A. I'm fine, just trying to catch up on SO many rps >_< Sorry I havent responded yet...
 Mar 19th 2016 22:05

Latest Comments

**I miss you :)
Jul 19th 2020 05:38

**miss you so much <3 hope your doing okay
Jul 7th 2019 23:43

//you were my legit first friend really on here and I miss the hell out of you, I hope life has been going well as you deserve nothing but the best <3//
Feb 26th 2019 00:20

//your the best, you'll always be one of my best friends since the day I joined this site <3
Jul 26th 2018 15:11

//miss you <3
Aug 17th 2017 10:17

May 22nd 2016 21:56

I wrote a starter for ya...sorry for the wait...been busy as all hell wrapping up Final Exams for Freshman Year of College
May 10th 2016 08:17

Hey I'm back I've missed ya
Apr 16th 2016 13:57

Lmao so I see the bat troll keeps making new profiles... at least he stopped using batmans name so he's not too much of an asshole now....but still xD some people don't know when too stop I guess xD
Mar 24th 2016 05:35

I'm really sorry, and hate to be a pest, but do you mind telling me a basic time frame of when you can respond?
Mar 20th 2016 00:20