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(Aaron Johnston )
34 / Male / Single
United Kingdom

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You're just so sweet, sugar is starting to taste like salt c;
Aug 20th 2017 03:53

Stop being so sweet
Aug 20th 2017 03:45

I make no promises....
Aug 20th 2017 03:40

You're like WAAAYY better than me though
Aug 20th 2017 03:36

Aug 20th 2017 03:30

Hey there! Thank you for the add.
If you want to rp with me feel free to pick a character from my blog and read my rules! I'm looking forward to playing with you.
Jun 23rd 2017 17:48

//if u wanna rp with my character just send message and Ana will be there just think they meet somewhere public or whatever//
May 22nd 2017 18:02

Hi I'm Anastasia Steele, nice to meet you, but you can call me Ana.
May 22nd 2017 17:58

Hello There,
Thank you for taking the time to accept me!
Would love to discuss a storyline and get a roleplay going when you’re available. Information about my Character and Rules is all in my Blog
Feb 22nd 2017 19:36

Dec 15th 2015 16:38