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(Aaron Johnston )
33 / Male / Single
United Kingdom

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Hey there! Thank you for the add.
If you want to rp with me feel free to pick a character from my blog and read my rules! I'm looking forward to playing with you.
Jun 23rd 2017 17:48

//if u wanna rp with my character just send message and Ana will be there just think they meet somewhere public or whatever//
May 22nd 2017 18:02

Hi I'm Anastasia Steele, nice to meet you, but you can call me Ana.
May 22nd 2017 17:58

Hello , my name is Monica, but you can call me as you wish. I am friendly role player. I role playing around 12 years so I am not new in this stuff. I found your account and thought would be great creat storyline or discuss plot together. So if you think the same way, Inbox me :)

With smexy smile and wink,

Monica Mikaelson
Apr 29th 2017 10:06

Hello Aaron! Thank you for accepting :)
Mar 24th 2017 14:02

Hello There,
Thank you for taking the time to accept me!
Would love to discuss a storyline and get a roleplay going when you’re available. Information about my Character and Rules is all in my Blog
Feb 22nd 2017 19:36

Hello! I'm Dianna but you can call me whatever you see fit. Anywhoozies, thank you for adding or accepting me, either way I'm happy to be on your friends list. Hope we can get a good storyline or convo going
Jan 13th 2017 17:09

Dec 15th 2015 16:38

yes please
Dec 13th 2015 16:59

*giggles* Oh STAP!
Dec 13th 2015 16:34