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(Jody James Bellamy)
30 / Male / In Love
Big dream seeker.
I can do any kind of rp
my 2nd accound @mindreadercullen

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Latest Questions

Q. Hi there again, Jody_rock! Sorry to bother you again, but wanna continue our roleplay from 2 days ago?
A. Sure. Sorry for late reply
 Mar 17th 2020 10:24

Q. About the same way
A. Hmm.. would you like to rp?
 Mar 22nd 2015 01:18

Latest Comments

Hi there, Jody_rock! Wanna continue our roleplay from 4 days ago?
Mar 8th 2020 15:21

Oct 1st 2019 22:48

Oct 1st 2019 22:48

Yay I'm glad it's fixed :) I'll be on for awhile what about you :D
Feb 14th 2016 12:52

Yay your on ^.^
Feb 14th 2016 12:42

I know, I just wanted to make sure you were ok with it. XD
Dec 23rd 2015 11:12

hope you don't mind me putting in pics, its just my way of making the rp more fun.
Dec 23rd 2015 11:06

how should we start ?
Dec 22nd 2015 09:58

hey would you like to rp ?
Dec 22nd 2015 09:55

Hello ^.^ my phone was messing up but now I'm online I got everything fixed
Jun 26th 2015 02:29