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(Jason Jones)
28 / Male / In a Relationship
Edison, New Jersey - United States
"I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Choose, but choose wisely."

Heel portrayal
Signed with aew
Rival(s): Orange Cassidy, Best Friends
Allies: the butcher, The blade and the Bunny.

@TheBallsyBadassChick is one of the few people here that have actually stuck by me despite everything that's happened. Couldn't ask for anyone better. Because there is no one better.

Latest Status

"Everytime I look, Robert Stone has got somethin' stupid to say. Doesnt matter if it's about me, or about my girl... He's constantly runnin' his mouth..well, its time for that asshat to find out that The Boneyard doesn't discriminate. Everyone's a victim when you cross us..And come next week, That littl runts gonna learn first hand, what bein' victimized truly feels like.. Courtesy, of The Boneyard.."(open)
0  18 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Text -thanks jimmy your the best!
A. -text- "Nah I'm not. I'm pretty close though."
 May 26th 2020 17:59

Q. -text- I know what’s going on with him, we are figuring it out. But if he doesn’t get his ass here I’ll body slam him with one arm”
A. -Text- "I'll find him. I think I know where he is."
 May 26th 2020 17:56

Latest Comments

Keep it! Its the gun I wanted. She has plenty of hammers.
Aug 13th 2020 12:07

*gionna looked in the box and took the gun out, and looked at as she loaded it with a bullet,as she threw the box into jimmys bar* keep the box sugar, not today, I have a busy schedule, tell you\'re girlfriend, the quins have no problem with her, car was in the wrong place wrong time.... liv walked off into her car and drive off*
Aug 13th 2020 11:39

*gionna arrives at jimmys bar with a bag of cloths in her hand and a Helmet she knocks on the door and leaves the stuff near the door as she moves away*
Aug 13th 2020 11:25

"Boys..I like someone..and I don't know Howe to tell him"
Jun 20th 2020 06:23

"With what?"
Jun 19th 2020 08:57

Sarah went to jimmy and poked his arm “uncle Jimmy I need help”
Jun 19th 2020 08:31

She wiped the tears from her eyes and shook her head. "I...I know you don't blame me, Jimbo. It's just...I wish I had known sooner...or at the very least, had been there to help. I'm glad it didn't hit anything vital. I don't know what I would've done if...if..."
Jun 8th 2020 10:08

"Damn it, Jimbo! Babe...I-I heard about what happened to you. I am so sorry! I...I wish I could have done something...a-anything..." Shotzi's voice cracked as tears began to well up in her eyes.
Jun 7th 2020 22:48

"At least you are on the right track now." Kris stretched up and booped Jimmys nose with a smile*
May 30th 2020 07:03

"I rejected wwe and went to Aew instead as you probably already know why. its not the best company to go to when you wanna raise your self."
May 29th 2020 18:11