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(N. D. T.)
24 / Male / Engaged
none of your lovely business!, Italy
-Before we start hit that "music-box" for maximum immersion in the athmosfere... -sidenote : yes i'm a big fan of fantasy and historical themes, but i don't shy away from sci fii and other generes so for all of you gentlemen and ladies , don't judge a book by it's cover! -

[ NOW very important to all casuals : read the damn bio , otherwise it's going to be damn pointless, i hate to say this but since too many seems to avoid this i gotta say it.]

Now let's get to the basics , first i do manly roleplay dark fantasy themes but i can do ANY other kind of roleplays, i'm very versatile.

I have not specific rules just don't make me wait for ever to get a reply, no oneliners please, and most of all if you gotta do something just leave a note in the rp like: ["hey i gotta to go see ya later!"] but please don't type it outside of the [ ] it kinda screw over the format of the rp... and lastly but not less important , if you plan to just being added and not writing back on my "Greatings" then you are already with a foot in the "good bye bus, that stops at "the f*** i give" terminal.(I got mad about this soo many times that I had to wrote this)

About myself well you ask i aswer if i find that i like you, i have discord anyway... I'm open to make new friendships...

Tayras isn't the only character i use there are others that i will gladly use but they still under costruction; Tayras has a full backstory in his blog and there you can also find another rp i would like to try..

By the way here is a quick descripion of Tayras [note the profile picture is kinda how he looks like whit the berserker outfit he made onece for the celebrations but he isn't like that always it depends..]

-From the legend of the Iron wolf:
" The man's figure was told to be impressive and as mighty as terrifying [he was more then 9ft tall/2,76 meters tall],with a muscular body.

On his chest there was a peculir curved scar that looked like someone tried to stab him in the heart, his hairs were short with a military hairstyle he also had some white hairs on the sideburns ;

he had a long beard with braids on the moustaches and chin , his face captured your attention as it was handsome and yet marked by countless fights and years spents in the wilds of this tundra as he had a light mark of a scar across his face and some minor ones all over his body;his right eye has a warpaint composed of two red marks on his cheekbone and one similar mark that goes upwards on the eyebrow, it was also said that he wore just some torn pants of cloth and he was barefoot."

for anything else just talk to me really... thank you for accually reading this...
if you made it this far , when i talk to you or vice versa , say "HEY how's the weather? " that way i can tell if you at least bothered reading all of this, and thus you deserve a small reward.

But let's be honest , nobody cares.

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