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(Jester Quinzel)
19 / Female / Single and Looking
Gotham, United States
(Admin on hitas at the moment)

Hiya! Names Jester, Jester Quinzel! You may know my father and mother, Joker (Preferred Jared Leto other Jokers welcome) and Harley Quinn! (Margo Robbie others again, welcome).

People say I'm more nuts then the both of 'em but it's not true, IT'S THE VOICES!!! *clears throat* anyways! I'm open to all ships, women, men, robots, so on so forth. But my favourite would have to be the master of fear himself, My Jonathan Crane!!!! TOUCH HIM YOU DIE!!!!

I'd love ta get ta know ya, say, you got any superpowers?

Discord: Flick#7004

@Daddyslittlepsycho ~ Sister dearest, touch her I'll drag you by the balls through all nine circles of hell. I've got her back and she's got mine.

@ThaneOfTerror ~ My favourite Jonathan Crane, I love 'em from his messy hair to every scar on his body.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yep
 Jun 26th 2020 22:50

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Hey. I live
Nov 23rd 2020 01:24

Btw im about to be out. My sister wants me to take her out for dinner to celebrate her new promotion at work. So I am gonna be busy for a bit. I wanted to let you know incase you were wondering why I wouldn't respond to your newest post.
Oct 30th 2020 20:57

Nah thats alright. Thnx for the offer tho. Also sorry if that msg made you feel rushed. I just wanted to know if it would take time for your replies. Now that I know your busy I can be more patient.
Oct 27th 2020 04:39

Hey. You still awake? I posted the starter.
Oct 27th 2020 04:25