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Q. Wanna RP if online ? Cause it's so difficult to see you online.
A. I’m online now :)
 Nov 27th 2021 07:26

Q. When you mostly online and mostly active to play ?
A. Weekends- mainly Saturdays
 Sep 16th 2021 13:33

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Dec 1st 2021 16:20

*pokes you*
Nov 19th 2021 12:08

Hello friend i sent you a Messnge
Nov 4th 2021 11:37

Hello friend
Nov 2nd 2021 17:46

How are you
Nov 1st 2021 17:37

Nov 1st 2021 13:05

Everything ok?
Oct 7th 2021 16:09

I apologise for late replies again xx
Aug 4th 2021 17:45