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24 / Male / Single
Missouri - United States

Latest Questions

Q. hey juane i was wondering if you wanna do a rwby rp sometime?
A. Hey man well I am usually busy but for a cool dude like you I'll try to find time.
 Jun 1st 2017 14:18

Q. What's your favourite music album?
A. pick one...I guess under the cork tree by fallout boy
 Sep 22nd 2015 15:11

Latest Comments

hey juane
Sep 16th 2017 11:09

Wall of Likes ? XD
May 14th 2017 12:11

||Out from the canopied shadows of the leafy foliage walked a young woman that seemed to glisten like a fresh bed of snow. Pale almost porcelain skin glimmering in the rays warmth from the sun. Long loose coils of white hair framed her face. Eyes, those piercing soft blue hues would take into care the sight before her. Painting her own length of words over in her mind before drawing a breath to speak|| "Hello thank you very kindly for taking me into consideration of being a part of your company. I hope we may become well acquainted." ||With having completed her greeting the young woman took hold of the side of her elongated dress; bent arm raised her body shifted downward into a dip as she curtsied respectfully||
Aug 18th 2016 09:57