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19 / Male / Single
Somewhere nice - United States
Heya, welcome to my small corner! Feel free to add me if you want, I'm not super picky and I don't bite hehe. I have been doing rp for a little bit so I'm not the best yet. That doesn't mean that I'm bad though, and I love to have fun with it. I usually do scifi stuff, romance, or medieval stuff, but I'm okay with doing anything really. I do play as a furry, but I can do a half human if you feel more comfortable with that. I like mature themes but I'm willing to do without it if you don't like that stuff. I'm also down to just chat and to talk if you'd like that too. I'm a little bit shy so if you catch me looking at your profile it probably means I found it interesting. Other than that I dunno what else to put here, so that'll do for now!~

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