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25 / Male / Single
California - United States
Helloooo i woud love if you read this bio..

so i'm bi and switch mostly sub though
i do smuts but if you don't want to it's fine
i'll rp with anyone only if a person isn't furry,annoying,child,stupid

And i don't do fantasy okay?
So you add YOU TALK!!!! if not i'll unfriend you
i don't do really big age gaps like a i'm 13 and you are 18
no i don't do that
don't use "u" (example:how r u)
Also if you add me i expect plot from you
don't come to me saying you don't have plot i'll simply unfriend you
Also please don't mix me with those BTS accounts.. (i ain't saying i hate bts like a band i hate the fandom plus the kpop isn't my style of music)

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