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(Jail Rose)
17 / Female / Forever Alone
Davao, Philippines
Okay. Some people may know me, some people may not.

Many things have changed ever since I came here. I've been away from this site for a year due to... personal reasons. But now that I'm back, I guess it's only right for me to introduce myself once more and get gears up to normal.

Once again, I'm Jail Rose, but I prefer to be called Jail. I'm still the same girl who loves to draw, write, roleplay, and do crazy stuff, but in the roleplay world I am much more different than before. Or... yeah, maybe for you I'm still the same, but not on different terms.

I roleplay in paragraphs, so I'd be highly disappointed if you send me a one liner after those two paragraphs I just wrote you. I understand that everyone has their own lengths when it comes to roleplay, so if you don't want to give yourself a hard time, don't roleplay with me. It's just highly disappointing to not see the creative side of every individual behind those one-liners.

ER*T*C ROLEPLAYS ARE FORBIDDEN. If you message me and tell me right away that you want to do sm*t, or ten posts in the roleplay you suddenly want to get in my pants or my characters', I AM BLOCKING YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE.

I favor Fantasy roleplays in general, but anything is fine (just, don't do the paragraph above. Your fate is in your hands). We can discuss potential plots while we're at it. I always love discussing about plots and if you have some to feed me, I will totally listen. Of course there are other things we can always talk about. Just hit me up for anything you want!

Also. FANDOMS. I'm into a lot of them. My main muse right now is probably Bungou Stray Dogs, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Detective Conan, but name a fandom and I'll try to fit in to your preferences even if I don't know it. But do remember that I don't know everything, so I hope you don't get ticked off if I have questions in hand.

Oh, and reminder. THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. You suddenly tell me you love me even though you know I'm a minor, AND I'LL IMMEDIATELY BLOCK YOU. Just. Please.

Overall, I think that's all? My profile will be updated once I get the chance. I hope we can be good friends here in this site!