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Why? - More Solid Headcanonning

This one is less ha ha funny meme and more just what solidifies my BEN and why.

BEN only is attracted to people who hate him.
Plus : Why is BEN so sadistic?

- The reasoning for this is, I believe BEN only likes people/things that make him feel like he's punishing himself for the things that have happened to him.

' I do not like corruption. I do not like CNC.
I do not like degradation or humiliation.
I just like punishing myself for the horror of what has happened to me.
I like to be treated gently and treat others gently. But it's not in my nature.'

Realistically, he doesn't talk like a chad on the internet as I type him out.

- His real way of speaking when he's not f***ing around is extremely literate and almost old-fashioned.

Human FC?

- I have none for him, I've only worked out one once and it was he :
(I have another but he doesn't have enough on him)
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ben drowned doc 1

I don’t want to think at all, I want to write the way my pulse feels instead,
something that weighs when it happens & makes movement & a sound that you hear only if you’re close enough like how when you’re staying so still in the dark & the rhythm is all you feel, it’s like the rest of the world stopped existing at some point, i wasn’t born for beautiful sentences & a life that sounds like art i was born for hearing my blood rushing through my head when i’m hiding in the pile of dirty clothes, & fighting instead of answering questions, & holding my two fingers on my neck trying to guess whether i’m afraid of you, and if the answer is yes get your own fingers on your pulse because it'll start running


A heavy atmosphere. More sentient than your words, it seems only your thoughts stay as a faithful companion beyond these point of the thickets. 50% of the ‘Pastas or more ventured for freedom, a certain fairy boy scoffed with his signature condescending grin, as he knew they’d never get it. Freedom was a state of mind, and last time he checked, not a god damn person or monster had that around here. They all thought too physically, it was all so illusive, everything that was physical would only last so long, but once you’re dead you get that all out of the way. ‘Pastas using their bodies as weapons… mourning at physical pain… focusing on their life more than the world around them… it was all so ridiculous. Depressing that they never, ever would reach what many of them set out for so inconsiderably— not living in a mansion was a dirty subconscious mind trick to get them to believe they had independence, but it was all so dumb. But what did he know? He appeared to have some sort of complex, if not huge or intentional, it still appeared to be present, but that probably came from being so young and figuring things out at a quicker pace. You know, one of THOSE situations. BEN constructed this ‘freedom’ notion after a few years of being a young boy who just had freshly been drowned after trying to defend humanity,— as a defense mechanism or whatever it was, you could be the judge.

Ruby red eyes resembling slightly transparent marbles of a soul long betrayed flickered on. There was definitely sadness deep within them, the trauma you could slice with the thinnest butcher knife, though what was being sliced was thick, you’d definitely get to the other side and form two halves with a final jab.

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› had a pet squirrel named albert (after fat albert bc the squirrel was fat) who got absolutely slaughtered by jeff. ben shrieked so loud with so much despair that it resuscitated the fat f***ing squirrel since ben is a cyberghost - you can connect the dots (thanks to a past Sally admin for helping me with this one)

› doesn't talk about the cult he's literally in with like 10 members, the cult thing isn't a headcanon

› pretends he's not scared of water but is scared of water

› doesn't see a problem with lying

› unclear about if he's bisexual, sometimes it's yes, sometimes it's no. is he f***ing around on purpose or is he genuinely confused? who knows

› he has a zombie squirrel named albert just lobbed under his bed who's completely senile

› slams head on things a lot on accident

› in a relationship, he'll be extremely jealous and will analyze your exes/who you talk to

› lurks a lot

› most likely was persuaded to drown himself at 12 from his cult so he could cyber ascend for the good of humanity but that cult did be f***in people over. heavens gate where.. they sucked that bitch into majoras mask along with the founder who poses as the happy mask salesman

› can get extremely timid, introverted, and lethargic
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1 | 0 Comments | Sep 14th 2020 22:05


This was a trend for a while within the community and I wanna damn do it


1. Laughing Jack -
Denies having any opinion of Laughing Jack, as Jack is barley sentient in his eyes, he thinks it would be a waste of time forming any judgement on an imaginary friend thing.

2. Sally Williams -
Best girl of them all. Doesn't piss him off in the slightest. He really enjoys how she died in the 70s and has that charm. Just generally intrigues him.

3. Slenderman -
just stop

4. Eyeless Jack -
Kind of irrelevant to his life. Likes the idea of manipulating and controlling him more than other monsters.

5. Jeff the Killer -
At least he doesn't pretend to be something he's not. Weird respect for him. But is he more pathetic than him? mf, it seems

6. Jane the Killer -
Sad?? She didn't really have to base her whole life off of a dumbass. Has a good heart, was kind of dumb for not just choosing a normal life. BEN predicts she was probably deeply bored with her normal life and that her vengeance lifestyle is a choice.

7. Tim -
Doesn't get his point. Doesn't get him.
Brian -
Doesn't get his point either.
Toby -
Doesn't get it.
Jay -
Doesn't get it.

^^ just go home ^^


1. Zero -
She's cool. Doesn't know her backstory but he likes her vibe.

2. Clockwork -
She's okay. Thinks she has more potential than she shows. She could probably beat Jeff in a fight. I mean, right?

3. The Puppeteer -
Ugly mf go home stupidass beanie stupidass shoes what kind of phantom boring cunt

4. Homicidal Liu -
i get it

5. Kage Kao or whatever -
BEN probably steals from him but ignores him generally. He likes his style and just parts of his personality, etc, so he'll just steal his belongings he likes and pretend he isn't a real sentient being.
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2 | 2 Comments | Sep 14th 2020 21:08

BEN DROWNED / Benjamin Lawman

BEN is the main antagonist of the Haunted Cartridge Arc. It is a sadistic and seemingly omniscient entity with mysterious connections to the Moon Children. (see: BEN is implied to be the spirit of Ben, though this possibility is contested by Jadusable in TheTruth.rtf, in which he suggests that it killed Ben and stole the name, causing them to be erroneously associated.

BEN is an entity.
Ben is the boy.

Benjamin "Ben" Lawman was a member of the Moon Children, and presumably the owner of the Majora cartridge prior to the old man. His ascension resulted in the creation of BEN, an evil entity that would terrorize Jadusable before escaping into the Internet and turning dormant.

Ben was subjected to an attempted Moon Children ritual called ascension. The details are unknown, but the method was by drowning. The resulting creation was sealed inside a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and kept by an old man for eight years.

What is ascension? :
Synonym: Digital immortality.

'''Ascension''' is a ritual preformed by the Moon Children Cult. The act of Ascension is a subject almost completely shrouded in mystery, and what it is exactly is never confirmed.
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0 | 0 Comments | Sep 14th 2020 14:03