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(Jade Moore)
16 / Female / In a Relationship
Asheboro, North Carolina - United States
you add me you message first

hi! not good enough? HEY HOWDY HEY IM JADE nice to meet yall soooooooo.. im lesbian AND a trans girl.. soo yeah im not really looking for hate, i love to have fun and play around ^^ im very attracted to GIRLS, NO GUYS btw im mega sub so ;3 FREAKING LESBIAN DO YOU GUYS SEE THIS?!

anime wolf girl or neko, furry wolf/cat rarely see the cat side :3 mew- wait- you just saw it........ CRAP XD

@Hina in my dom if you want her fight me


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who wants to play with me FEMALES ONLY add me if so. i might go to sleep tho so if i dont see you added me and if i dont add you back right away then im sorry
Mood: sleepy
3  Sep 15th 2020 01:36

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thx jade you really are a great friend
Sep 9th 2020 19:50

hey jade thanks for showing me this i hope i find someone soon^^
Sep 9th 2020 19:34