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113 / Female / Forever Alone
Korea (South)
> If you have a PR idea, suggest me and we'll get started as soon as possible.

> Or you can simply start the RP without delays.

Lately, the more dynamic / quick we start, the better I can take my time to devote myself to these incredible stories!

Some extra info:

- I usually write in 3rd person, and only use "" to refer to the lines. BUT I can change that to fit my writing;

- I have no rules. Neither limits;

- I feel more comfortable playing with girls only (FxF for lay people).

Let's just have fun!

Latest Status

I would love a plot where I would be prepared and cooked, dying in the most cruel and painful way possible! <3

0  Jun 24th 2019 11:02

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kiss me
Apr 3rd 2019 22:21

This is the last chance please respond to my messages or ill defriend you.
Jan 14th 2019 22:35

Thank you for sending me a friend request! <3
Nov 11th 2018 00:50

Hey! We still going to roleplay?
Nov 4th 2018 14:02

Hello! Thank you so much for the request or accepting, I look forward in expanding our friendship and hanging out with you! X. Scarlett. X Also please have a look at my Announcement here: Thanks talk to you soon!
Oct 7th 2018 12:48