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I couldn't breathe.

My head hurts, everything was spinning around like a circus. I fell from my chair to the floor, bending over on the dark floor with the persistent feeling of my head about to crack open and split itself apart.

" This.. cannot be happening-- not now-- not now, not now, not now- It's merely some kind of joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke--I had just came back to my dimension so how in the world can this happen, happen, happen, happen-- "

Nothing in the dark room echoed except for my voice-- repeating as if it was some kind of broken repeater.

The door to my room slowly opened, revealing a short man wearing a black mask similar to my own. He ran a hand through his layered hair, the undercut scarring from the latest mission. Dark eyes scanned around the area rather keenly; at that moment I knew who he was.

The infamous Hades, the man whom held a short posture but built up a strong presence for himself.

My co-worker.

" Gabriel, I-- " He began, his raspy voice echoing but abruptly stopping. " What's happening to you? "

" I'm brilliant! " I immediately whipped my head, mustering the biggest grin I could possess. " Fantastic! Molto bene! Great big universe, packed into my brain. You know you could fix that chameleon circuit if you just tried hotbinding the fragment links and superseding the binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary--- "

I abruptly stopped and hissed, my brain suddenly feeling like it's about to split open again. " Oh, my God--"

Hades did nothing but stare before his lip parted in slow realization of what's going on. He bent down to my crouched form.

" Gabriel, " My co-worker murmured. " Do you know what's happening? "

I slowly nodded, my eyes squeezed shut. I could feel the warm and stinging sensation in my eyes as I gave a shuddering sigh.

" Yeah. "

Hades pursed his lips. " There can't.. There's no way.. I keep telling boss you're not a computer. And..You're not a computer. With all this information jammed and packed in your head.. there's just no way you can push yourself further. "

" Boss'll kill me. " I whispered faintly, gravely. My hands were shaking. " I don't, I can't-- please. No. "

" You need to take a break. I need you to go rest. " Hades insisted firmly, leaning down as his dark hair moved to cover one of his eyes. " I'll take care of it. "

" What'll happen to you? "

" ...I don't know. I'll find a way to negotiate with boss."
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This is the administrator. It has come to my attention that many of you in the website has been in some kind of drama with character TAE over the past week due to his behavior.

I am very well aware that he acts very unlikable. Nonetheless, please let me explain his actions so people can further understand him, and perhaps deepen his personality to an extent that he becomes a bit likable.

To state it bluntly, he is a troll.

Coping with his illegal job at work, he obviously is under lots and lots of stress. He has been through much, as his life has been very complicated and undercover. He does not have a solid, legal identity for the time being.

In other words, trolling the living day lights out of everyone is his response for negative situations. As I quote,

" I would say troll the heck out of him, but that's not a logic response. I'm not sure, alright? I'm not. Trolling him is the only way of replacing me screaming and running the other direction-- but it's still worth it. " - Daily_LOG_NOTKNOWN

Through finding other people's reactions, he finds it amusing under his own terms to the point where it's manipulative. He creates much joy under the chaos he brings under the turf and website, bonus points if he gets blocked and ignored as well.

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" So you found yourself here after you glitched out, found yourself at a club, and happened to shoot someone in the toe. Is there anything else I'm missing? " asked Amber, rubbing her temples.

I shrugged.

Amber exhaled very slowly, slipping off her glasses. I knew that dimensions exist, but this is a whole other situation we're dealing with. You're not the only one who feel into a dimension but.."

She glanced up at me. " Shooting someone in the toe-- really excessive even though you had horrible memories from that kind of place. We need to go to the police or something-- "

I threw my hands up in some sort of resignation. " Okay, look, I get you're a lawyer-- and pretty legalistic about things, but do you really think it's a good idea for me to go to the police station and be all like, ' what's up? I'm not from this dimension and I accidentally shot a dude in his foot!' 

She glared at me.

It's been a week since I had been in this dimension. How I got here, I had no clue. I wasn't supposed to be here, and was it not only wrong and foreign, it could potentially cause a hole or tear in the fabric of other dimensions as I knew it. 

The why's, the how's, it did not matter to me anymore. 

All I knew was that it just.. happened at the right place, and the right time. 

I was self-aware of my existence. I was perfectly aware of other universes, dimensions, supernatural beings, and so on.

But this was new. One could not simply just gradually fade in to existence and perfectly be safe in another universe after facing a life-threatening situation. 

Yet here I am in the situation I just listed, trying awfully hard to not pull my hair out. 

It wasn't the first time that I ' visited ' other universes to an extent by being this.. subconscious matter in the different versions of myself, but for me to actually exist was surprising. 

I was sure that Amber had thought the same thing too, after all-- she was just as aware as I was about dimensions. 

However, we had not actually expected for this whole fiasco to happen afterwards-- since I was in the middle of a mission after all until I just so conveniently happened to get transported into a bar, armed with a gun and accidentally shooting someone's foot. 

So here I was in her apartment, hiding out.

Seriously, screw the universe. 

Amber rubbed at her temples. " Ugh, look, I'm trying my best right now and you panicking isn't helping. The best I can do is try and reach out to my contacts and make you a fake I.D or something, but you out of all people should know- " 

" How insanely hard to get. " I finished for her, pushing my golden glasses up the bridge of my nose. " I get it. But reporting to the authorities about it?? " 

" I have a friend there who has the resources to get you out of trouble, but this is essentially doing something illegal. " 

" You don't say. " I muttered dryly. 
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This account is strictly PG-13 friendly. If there is inappropriate content that is not tagged appropriately, the account who made it will be blocked immediately after I have noticed unless I have personally spoken to them. They may be unfollowed but not blocked, as such if they wish they can still follow me and speak to me if they so wish to. This includes posts on the feed, even though they are to everyone, not just me.

When speaking directly to my account I request all NSFW be kept out unless I have expressly allowed it. Some NSFW is not as bad as others, such as a picture where someone has a bit too low of a v-neck shirt. That is a little different, but as I said if you think there is a chance it could be inappropriate, I would like to be told before you are showing it to me. I would also like if you have to second guess the NSFW content of a post, consider tagging it.

This is to ensure that I do not get into trouble and that I may be able to continue using this website. Thank you for reading this, I hope you'll follow these guidelines and we will be able to put together a roleplay if you so wish.
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I only know how to lie, guess I can't really dodge it this time
No law to pardon my crime, no clemency for this evil of mine
Things don’t look better today, the mask I wear is crumbling away
Lapsing in depravity, I didn’t see what was happening to me

Come here, no go away, stay…

『 I ’v e h i d d e n i t a w a y 』

TAE'S SPOTIFY LIST (themesongs)

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