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(Peter Parker)
20 / Male / Single
New York City, New York - United States
Looking for semi-lit to literate roleplayers. My rps tend to go for more "mature" themes.

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Q. :( why dont u reply back
A. I didn't notice. I'm sorry
 Sep 30th 2017 16:37

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hi thanks for friending me!
i'm Mila, let's talk sometime xox
Jul 15th 2019 20:31

Thanks for the friendship. Don't be a stranger.
Apr 22nd 2019 02:11

Thank you for the add.
Apr 12th 2019 16:57

I really don’t have none :)
Oct 6th 2018 09:00

I got it.
Nov 19th 2017 10:59

Sep 5th 2017 14:50