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scorched asked the question
Q. Oh, Izzy..- why are you so silly?
A. Hmm? Oh darling, I have no clue. I'm quite a silly girl, aha ♥
 Nov 19th 2016 21:18

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// I got dabs for Dayz >:3c
Feb 6th 2018 20:38

Thanks for the request, dear.
I'd say make sure ta not be a stranger none but that's what most of us do, eh? Either way enjoy your stay on me profile.

// Hi Cat LMAO dabs
Feb 6th 2018 18:35

Hello darling❤
Jan 25th 2017 19:01

Hi there, sorry I really don't want to seem like a nusance, but I was just wondering whenn you'd reply again? Its been two days so I was thinking the chat was pushed down if others replied.
Jan 9th 2017 22:55

You're welcome. :) So, are you up to doing some roleplaying with me? If so, send me a message and we can go on from there! :)
Dec 22nd 2016 16:33

Thank you for accepting
Dec 20th 2016 05:22

no problem!
thank you for the request. :]
how are you?
Nov 15th 2016 16:24

Your welcome badass picture by the way
Nov 4th 2016 15:26

Awesome!! Message me soon babe!!!;*
Nov 3rd 2016 02:24

No problem doll<3 Lets chat soon!
Nov 3rd 2016 02:06