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•°•×Roleplay ideas/preferenceו°•

So first before I get into the ideas, my preferences are when it's more story like roleplay I use she/her/hers or he/him/his or (") Example: As Akari was walking down the street she heard a scream come from the alleyway. She runs towards the screams curiously, hoping she'll be able to help whoever is screaming. "Hello? Who's there?" She called out.
So basically putting quotes around speech and using 3rd person.
Another thing...
I don't mind sm×t but the thing about that is please don't make that the main thing in the roleplay. it gets kinda boring really quickly. So please keep that in mind. Now moving on, to ideas for things to roleplay, although these are just roleplay ideas that I find interesting, I'd also like to know your ideas as well. I'm open to hearing any of your suggestions.

1) CEO x Assistant
2) Boss x Assistant (or employee)
3) Bad boy x softie girl
4) Bad boy x good girl (vise versa)
5) Playboy x Shy girl (vise versa)
6) Softie girl x (your preference) boy
7) Bully x Shy/sensitive girl (vise versa)
8) Met through a shared friend
9) Best friend's younger sister (or older brother)
10) waitress x customer
11) waiter x customer
12) Vampire x Human
13) Human boy x Neko girl (vise versa)
14) Vampire boy x Neko girl (vise versa)
15) Demon boy x human girl (vise versa)
16) Popular kid x new kid
17) Cop x Criminal
18) Assassin x Target
19) Met in after school detention
20) My personal maid (boy or girl)
21) Enemies to roommates
22) Singer x Psycho
23) Student tutor x Tutor
24) Enemies to lovers
25) kidnapper x Captive/Slave
26) Criminal x CEO
27) Criminal x Commoner
28) Psycho x Mafia
29) Mafia x Shy (boy/girl)
30) Master/Slave
31) DDLG

Another thing I must mention. I love gore, if you don't like gore then please tell me BEFORE we start the roleplay. Also tell me your limits and no go's before we start as well. I will also not be writing 6 paragraphs with 6+ sentences. I generally stick to around 1-3 paragraphs with whatever comes to my mind, so bear with me! Thank you.
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2 | 0 Comments | Feb 11th 2024 21:20


Okay so, this is just a note for all the people I have added.

If you want to continue a rp, or keep in touch with me, you may ask for my discord. And if I like you enough I'll give it to you. The top 10 friends on my friends list are people I'm definitely adding, if you're not there then you have a chance, its just not guaranteed to be added. So please ask!

I'm adding on discord because I don't get notifications and I don't want to be using this much anymore. So if you want to keep talking just hmu real quick and I might add you ❤

That's all. Thank you byeee
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Akari is an 18 year old girl who lives on her own she is a sweet, shy, bubbly, and sometimes flirty person who's in love with any sort of nature. She loves any kind of affection. She is also very sensitive so if she is getting attacked personally with words or even physically. She's a very normal girl from what people understand, but they don't know her dark side.
Name: Akari Sato
Age: 18
Height: 5'0
Looks: Pink hair Pink eyes, gothic at times, but also softie
Species: Half human half vampire (Depending on rp she's all human.)
Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, drawings, photography, music, cleaning.
Likes: Music, Art, Reading, Nature
Dislikes: People who take advantage of kind people.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~favorite things~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Animals: Foxes, raccoons, deer, kittens, puppies, bunnies.
Color: Pink!
Music genre: Any kind of Rock
Scent: Lemon-grass
Desert: Ice cream
Favorite ice cream flavor: any but chocolate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
???? Unknown

Depends on rp
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2 | 1 Comment | Jan 6th 2024 21:51

↫↫ Rules ↬↬

If you don't respond to a message for 5+ days, I won't hesitate to unfriend you, I don't want to keep a large amount of people in my messages.

If i don't respond for a few hours, its because im busy and or I got distracted. Don't re message me. Although, if I don't respond for a day or two yet I'm online, its because I forgot to reply but I still opened the message. You may resend if that happens.

If you want to be friends let me know, but don't be mad or upset if I don't open up and tell you everything. I'm just not that close with you if I don't. Although, if I am close with you, if I'm not willing to talk about everything.. Please don't push it.

Soon I'll make a blog about roleplay rules or interests. Like plots and etc. And later after that I will be posting about characters I have --> --> the ones I have posted on my profile.

If you send a one word message, expect the same. If you send 3 words I am also going to do that. But I'm also not going to be writing 6 paragraph messages with 6+ sentences per sentence.
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14 | 0 Comments | Dec 30th 2023 00:11