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(Akari Sato)
18 / Female / Forever Alone
No MINORS please., At your house <3 - United States
×Very selective, and will not be accepting anyone under 18, if I don't accept your request, please don't unsend then send it again. I tend to avoid clicking decline so people don't keep sending them.

We can be lonely together! No worries.

Instead of "rise and shine" you can say "shine and rise"
And instead of "beautiful ray of sunshine" u can say "beautiful sunshine of ray"

Instead of being so beautiful you can be happy. Happiness is the real beauty.

Don't be afraid to message me, I promise I don't bite. Unless you get on my nerves or I just feel like it. Although if you repeatedly put your hand in my face, you're asking me to bite you and I wont hesitate.

If I wait more than 5 days for a response I'm not going to hesitate to unfriend you. I don't want to have an overflow of people or friends, and you won't even talk to me. Please check out my blog "↫↫ Rules ↬↬"

That's all, thanks for reading!~ <3

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If I don't answer right away, I'm busy, even if it says I'm online.
Mood: busy
1  Feb 13th 2024 20:27

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