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(Nikaylaa Sauni)
18 / Female / Single
Brooklyn, New York - United States
All my plot ideas and k!nks are listed on my blog page along with my description for said roleplays <3

My discord is LovelyLittleMiss#6969 it’s easier for me to reply <3

Hello my names Nikaylaa you can call me Kayla though, I’m 18 and in college and I’ll be real honest I’m really not looking forward to change and with you being my new step parent or sibling I’m even more reluctant to accept that we’re going to be staying under the same roof together, I guess all I can say is you stay on your side I’ll stay on mine.


* You add you talk
* Stick to the plot of us being step siblings or step parent and step child please
* Random starters are okay but only if they make sense and are detailed
* No one liners, at least 6 to 7 lined replies
* Lastly I am here to roleplay not collect friends, please don’t ask me what I’m here for or if I roleplay.
* Lastly have fun! <3

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