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Liam Byrne

Basic Info:
Name: Liam Byrne
Age: Appears 34 (650)
DOB: October 13th
Hometown: Kinsale, Ireland
Current Residence: anywhere

Nationality: Irish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Species: werewolf (subdued vampire gene)
Language: Fluent in English, French, Italian, Gaelic
Speaks with Irish accent

Father: Mikael Byrne - deceased
Mother: Ellen Byrne- deceased
Brother: Seamus Byrne - 648 (appears 32)
Sister: Molly Byrne - 644 (appears 28) (twin to Kasey)
Brother: Kasey Byrne - 644 (appears 28) (twin to molly)
Sister: Holland Byrne - 637 (appears 21)

Height: 6’1
Weight: 180
Body type: athletic, slim
Hair: ginger / brown
Eyes: blue
Tattoos: yes
Scars: yes
Faceclaim: Joseph Morgan

Occupation: Occult professor


Romantic history & Sexuality:


The Byrne family is the longest lineage of werewolves in Europe, possibly the world. The strongest gene goes to the first born make which happens to be Liam. Though, Liam didn’t receive his gene just from his father. His mother was also a werewolf. With the two of them combining their bloodline, Liam is currently the most powerful werewolf (to his knowledge) in the world. His mother’s lineage was cursed by a witch in the early 1300s. The werewolf bloodline would eventually transfer over to vampirism whenever the first descendent spilled family blood. And who was the lucky person to do that? His mother had spilled family blood. She had accidentally killed her sister resulting in her triggering vampirism. That gene was passed to the first born which went to Liam. Liam is now a hybrid. One of the few of his kind. The only one that he actually knows is himself.

Being a hybrid comes with a long list of issues, but Liam has steady. Before his mother passed, she taught him a lot about how to behave, how to control his hunger. The one nice thing about him— he can control whenever he shifts. He’s not bound to the full moon like his siblings.

Though due to the family curse, many people came after his family. Eventually, hunters trapped and killed his mother with help from other vampires who wanted to rid the world of hybrids. His father was killed protecting his mother.

After his parents died, Liam took control as head of the family. He has four younger siblings they he is in charge of and the head of the Byrne family now. They have moved around from different places due to never aging.

At the moment, he currently is an occult studies professor
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Paisley Stinson

Basic Info:
Name: Paisley Leigh Stinson
Age: 21
DOB: December 8th
Hometown: NYC
Nationality: American/French
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language: Fluent in English and French

Father: Jack Stinson , 57
Mother: Lucille ‘Luci’ Stinson, 54
Brother: Colton Stinson 30

Height: 5’5
Weight: 127
Body type: slim, athletic
Hair: red
Eyes: brown
Tattoos: no
Scars: Yes
Faceclaim: Madelaine Petsch

Occupation: former ballerina, current intern at Vogue New York as photo journalist

Reserved workaholic

Romantic history & Sexuality:
Heterosexual, never had time for a boyfriend, virgin

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Aurora Clark (multi-ship romance)

Basic Info:
Name: Aurora Rose Clark
Age: 26
DOB: October 31st
Hometown: Raleigh, NC, but was born in Dublin, Ireland

Nationality: American/Irish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language: Fluent in English and Gaelic ; speaks with a slight Irish accent.

Father: Patrick Clark, 52
Mother: Milly Clark, 49
Sister: Katherine Clark 21
Brother: Jimmy Clark 28

Height: 5’2
Weight: 115
Body type: slim
Hair: brunette
Eyes: brown
Tattoos: yes
Scars: Both emotional and physical
Faceclaim: Lily Collins

Occupation: freelance Journalist

Aurora is a sweetheart. She’s someone that is very soft spoken most of the time, but she does have a steak in her that can set her off. The anger she has runs deep due a family lineage of her Irish blood.

Romantic history & Sexuality:

Heterosexual. She’s been in a few relationships and only two serious ones.


Aurora was born in Dublin. Her father is pure blooded Irish. He was a former ‘business man’ (aka he was in the IRA whenever he was younger). He met her mother whenever they were in their early twenties. She was from North Carolina and traveling across Europe and found herself in love. Not coming back immediately, Milly ended up marrying Patrick and giving birth to their first born. After that, Aurora was born, but things were getting tense as Patrick was trying to get out of the IRA. They picked up and moved from Ireland to relocate in North Carolina. That was where their third child was born.

Aurora grew up with her two siblings and began to form herself into the person she is today. She was very interested in investigative journalism and finding herself in some trouble whenever she’s investigating. She writes for newspapers, magazines, online databases, and some news stations.
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Samuel ‘Sam’ Hodgins (multi-ship romance)

Basic Info:
Name: Samuel ‘Sam’ Hodgins
Age: 32
DOB: March 28th
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language: Fluent in English and Spanish

Father: David Hodgins, 58
Mother: Laura Hodgins 57
Sister: Mary Hodgins 25 (twin)
Sister: Makayla Jameson 25 (twin)

Daughter: Ella Anne Hodgins

Former Fiancé: Jessica (deceased)

Height: 6’3
Weight: 200
Body type: muscular and athletic
Hair: brunette
Eyes: hazel
Tattoos: yes
Scars: just a few
Faceclaim: Jamie Dornan
Occupation: Lawyer at Hodgins & Stein


Romantic history & Sexuality:

Heterosexual. He was previously engaged to Jessica who died in a car accident whenever she was eight months pregnant.


Sam was born into a sweet family. His mother and father were deeply in love and still are today. The family is rather functional considering everything. He grew up a pretty normal child, playing sports, and enjoying school. He excelled in school rather well and ended up getting a pretty great scholarship to Columbia University. He did his undergrad at Columbia in New York City. Then, he went to graduate school for law at Yale.

Once he had received his degrees, Sam moved back home with the love of his life whom he met at Yale where she was studying journalism. Him and Jessica dated for several years and moved back home with him. They moved in together and as Sam made his way through law school, she worked as an investigative journalist.

Eventually, Sam proposed to Jess and the two were going to be married the next year. However, shortly after, Jessica became pregnant. It wasn’t in their exact plans before they got married, but Sam was over the moon to welcome their baby. All his happiness came to an end though whenever Sam and Jessica were on their way home from a Christmas party for his firm when they were hit by a drunk driver. Sam was hurt and Jessica was mortally wounded. Because she was so far along in her pregnant, they were able to preform a c section and save their daughter. She was born at 35 weeks. Needless to say the next weeks were just a haze for Sam, but he took a hold on his daughter as a way to be close to his fiancé as well.

Now, Sam works at a law firm as a partner and has a three year and a half year old little girl.
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Rory Walker (singleship romance)

Basic Info:
Name: Rory Walker
Age: 23
DOB: October 16th
Hometown: Austin, Texas

Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language: Fluent in English & Spanish, conversationalist in French

Relationship status: Taken! Deeply in love with Bert @SxrpentQueen

Father: Michael - married - 59- Former military, current mechanic
Mother: Kelly - married - 57- housewife briefly, nurse
Sister: Whitney- 35- teacher- married to James
Brother: Dean- 32- former marine, current Texas ranger
Niece: Anna - 2 years old (daughter of Whitney and James)

Height: 5’7
Weight: 130
Body type: thin, with curves in a few places
Hair: brunette, long
Eyes: Green
Tattoos: a couple
Scars: A few
Faceclaim: Phoebe Tonkin
Occupation: Med school student

Rory is bubbly and sweet to say the least. She has always found that she needs to be the person in the room to lighten the mood despite what she’s feeling inside. She’s had her dark periods herself, but she doesn’t dwell on it. Everyone comes before her in her mind. That’s why she is studying to become a doctor

Romantic history & Sexuality:

Heterosexual. She did have a serious relationship at the beginning of college that lasted almost two years. However, it turned sour at the end.

She is currently living the best life with Bert!
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