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(Izuku Midoriya)
24 / Male / Single and Looking
United Kingdom
"Just because I don't have a quirk, doesn't mean I can't help out those in need!"


Hello all! My Hero Academia has been my passion since it's release, and I love getting lost in all the potential AU's the show could have taken, with characters that can change every single time. Lately one I've been thinking of and wanting to try is a Quirkless Izuku profile, where instead of training his body Izuku sharpens his mind. He joins the support class, and becomes an inventor of gadgets and tools for both pro heroes and himself alike!

This would be a way for him to meet everyone in 1-A by bonding through his inventions, while at the same time keeping his quirkless nature. I am also ok with him being a villain, either as a member of the League of Villains, Overhaul's gang or someone new. I hope some people are interested, and I do have a few rules:

- I am gay, so I lean much more towards MxM than MxF; but I will play MxF if you want. Just not be quite as smitten about it. Todoroki, Kirishima and Bakugou are my favourite pairings, so if you play any of them please send me a friend request!

- This version of Izuku leans more towards Submissive, so he won't be domming anytime soon imo.

- Proper grammer. I make spelling mistakes too, but not every single word.

- I can accept one-liners sometimes when it's just two characters having a calm back and forth, but I lean much more towards para and multi para.

- If you want to do any other AU's, play OC's, have me be an OC... All are fine by me!

See you soon!

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