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21 / Female / Single
Hell , Missouri - United States
Hello! You can call me Melody.

My replies tend to be short, but I'm trying to learn to make them better.
I mostly RP as OC's, but sometimes I will RP canon characters. I mostly do supernatural plots! Especially romance.
I mostly do a lot of MxM rp, and sometimes FxF. I do FxM too, if I'm the girl.

A few rules....

1: I do semi paragraph style role play, at least three sentences per post (On average, I won't care about the occasional one liner) please. I generally write 1-5 lines and I wanna improve!

2: I am not here to have cyber sex. I want to rp and have a plot and stuff. Do NOT send me pics! Anything sm*tty has to be in rp, and there still has to be a plot surrounding it.

3: Please tell me if you have to leave or something so I'm not sitting there waiting. Also, let me know if you're not happy with the role play so we can change it, or start a new one, or just stop if you want to.

Okay, thanks for reading!

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Wtf ever happened to furries? Where'd they go? Are they ok?
Mood: bored
1  Sep 2nd 2020 00:31

Latest Questions

Q. Have I made a mistake somewhere in the plot idea? Was it to restrictive?
A. I've just been really busy this past month, and I wasn't really sure what to say, I'm sorry
 Jan 19th 2020 00:23

Q. Rp?
A. My dms are really full rn, sorry about that. :( I'll get back to you when I'm less busy though
 Jun 16th 2019 15:14

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Sep 11th 2020 13:59

Awesome Roleplayer!
Sep 2nd 2020 04:44

"Hello there, stranger, and thanks for sending a friend request! Yes, the legendary Star-Lord is here to thank you for such a great task! I know, mostly people thank me. I'm still shocked like you must be, right? Anyways, I have a galaxy to save so I must leave, however you can have quite the honor of having everybody know you as 'the guy who Star-Lord thanked'! Ta-Ta!"

//If you ever want to chill, role-play, or do anything else (since I really don't care what I do on this site. I'm just super-chill like that. And yes, I role-play many things while Peter is just my muse. X3) leave a private message! ^~^
Jul 4th 2016 17:31

Np! and alrighty I will
Nov 13th 2015 06:36

Yeah. Send me a message and we can discuss something.
Nov 9th 2015 14:03