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(Vic P.)
18 / Female / In a Relationship
The Middle of Nowhere, Netherlands
*please read before messaging me!*
*this acc is a work in progress, oc's and more info coming soon!*
so, uh... my name's Vic. my pronouns are she/her, and i'm a proud and out lesbian. music is my biggest passion, my favor lies with anything alternative, but i enjoy other genres as well. (my favorite bands are Get Scared, Palaye Royale, MCR, and Icon For Hire.) i also like drawing, photography, astrology and other witchy stuff, emo & goth culture. i'm also new to roleplaying and awkward AF, so don't expect too much from me when you first hit me up. i'm down to roleplay as a character from a franchise, but i prefer using one of my own oc's.

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Just came to let people know that you're awesome, bitch. Have fun on the site! <3
Sep 22nd 2020 12:55