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James Gilbert

Basic Information;
Full Name:James Anton Gilbert

Date of Birth:January 9, 1990

Age:(Apparent Age) 26 (Actual Age) 28


Birthplace:Mystic Falls, Virginia

Current Residents; Mystic Falls, Virginia

Relationship status: Single

Sexual preference:Pansexual

Faceclaim: Jensen Ackles



Elena Gilbert
Jeremy Gilbert
Josie Saltzman-Forbes
Lizzie Saltzman-Forbes

Biological Parents;
Grayson Gilbert
Isobel Fleming

Adopted Fathers;
Alaric Saltzman

Current fatherly figures;
Alaric Saltzman
Stefan Salvatore
Damon Salvatore

Elijah Mikaelson

Love Interest:

Past Relationships;

Theme Song;
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Kendall Salvatore

Name: Kendall Salvatore
Date of Birth: May 25, 2000
Age: (Cursed at birth) ((Vampire at)) 18
Species: Cursed Heretic
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Gay. Reserved for Vivic (@devilsnight)
Faceclaim: Colin Ford
Sired By: Kol Mikaelson
Past Relationships: Kol Mikaelson

He is very cocky he can be full of himself, always sticks up for friends he can be a little on edge at times also its not easy for him to get into relationships it has something to do with his past, he can also be very soft in random moments, especially after getting drunk, he can also be a pushover at times

Biography: He was a normal boy up until he turned 18, and weird things started happening, his eyes started turning different shades of orange even though they were blue all his life, he started sleepwalking and walking up in weird places like in the Woods. He could also sense presences like someone just being in the room that he never saw enter or someone walking up the driveway, he decided to ask his Aunt and Uncle, he soon found out he was adopted, His real parents are Damon and Elena Salvatore, he then found out he was a Witch and 6 years later he has matured every spell there is and is a full Witch, what does the road hold for him next?

Why a Heretic: He was born Human, but the Gemini hated that Elena and Damon were able to bend the rules by doing a spell on her to make her pregnant, so that they were somewhat punished they decided to curse the child and put an aging spell on him... that's not the only thing they did to him, as he was aging quicker than most people like in just 6 months he was 2 years old, he had started to discover he had Powers magic
he was about 9 years old, that's when he meet Bonnie, she taught him how to use his Powers properly, soon he told her about his parents and she couldn't believe it at first but then remembered the spell she used for Damon and Elena about 4 and a half years ago, she was a little worried cuz he was a lot older than he should have been, so she brought him to Damon because Elena is in a magic induced coma, Damon took him in and was a caring father, well at least he tried, then about 7 years later Kendall was naturally turned into a vampire, his magic Powers still intact making him a Heretic, soon he found out about the Gemini and how they cursed him so that balance in the universe would be restored

Mom; Elena Gilbert
Dad; Damon Salvatore
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Ruby Musing

Name - Ruby Musing
Name Pronunciation: Ruu-bee Muze-ing
Name Meaning - Ruby - Most precious gem Musing - Thoughtfully abstracted.
Nicknames(s) - {Give her some?}
Playby: Katherine Langford
Alias - {Give her some}
Date of Birth - April 18, 1997
Age - 21
Astrology Sign - Aries
Gender - Female
Nationality - European
Hometown - London
Current Residence - New Orleans.
Current Occupation(s) - Hair Stylist/Salon Employee {Secretly a Huntress}
Species - Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid {Untriggered}
Reason leading to the first transition - N/A
Sire - Hayley Marshall
Sires - N/A
Strength - Usual strength of a Unskilled Hybrid, she still has a lot to learn
Weaknesses - Usual weakness of a Hybrid
Skin Color - Tanned/Peachy
Eye Color - Light Green.
Hair Color - Dark Brown
Hair Style - Naturally curly/Sometimes Straightened
Height - 5ft 3in {1.6m}.
Weight - 134lbs {60.8kg}.
Body Type - Toned
Health - Perfect.
Positive Traits - Self-Disciplined, Loyal, Responsible, Compassionate, Self-Taught
Negative Traits - Courageous, Hostile, Jealousy, Rebellious
Phobias - Claustrophobia {Fear of tight spaces/small spaces} Monophobia {Fear of being alone}
Disorders - N/A.

Sexuality Orientation - Bi-Sexual
Status - Single. Reserved for Elliot (@devilsnight)
Date relationship Started - N/A.
The Lucky one - N/A.
Engaged - N/A.
Married - N/A.
Ex-Partner(s) - N/A

Mother - Kelly Musing. {Deceased}
Father - Grant Musing. {Deceased}
Aunt(s) - Unknown.
Uncle(s) - Unknown.
Sister(s) - N/A
Brother(s) - N/A
Son(s) - N/A
Daughter(s) - N/A

CONNECTIONS: {People can be added}

PHRASES: "What in the f***ing bloody hell?!"

Theme Song;

HISTORY: Ruby had always had a weird fascination with the supernatural, she just didn't know there would be huge consequences for something that seemed so small. Ever since Ruby had watched Scooby Doo as a young girl she had always wanted to hunt the supernatural. And one day that dream had finally come true. One day her parents decided they wanted to move out of Europe, to the US, to a town in Louisiana, New Orleans. While they were driving to town, just when they entered the borders of New Orleans, they were all attacked by a pack of creatures. Vampires, and Werewolves. Finally Ruby's dream of finding the supernatural had come true… it just wasn't a very enjoyable meeting. Once the Vamps and Weres were had left she would call the 911 for their help. Only the help backfired. Ruby was filed under mentally insane. And sent to 8 years in a mental institution. While there two major things would happen to her. One. Whilst out in the back one night, a few years later, she would be attacked by a supernatural, a Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid to be exact. Thus transitioning her into one herself, her werewolf side is still untriggered. The second thing would be on her last day, she would be walking out of the institute when stopped by an older tall male. His name would be known as Mikael Mikaelson. Telling her he had known who killed her parents she would become intrigued. Taking her back to his place he'd explain everything, the Original Family, the Vampires, the Werewolves, Witches/Warlocks, they were all real. Telling her that they needed to be stopped, all whilst compelling her in the process. Now Ruby hunts for the entire family that killed her parents. Will she be successful?
(More to come in future storylines)
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Patia Petrova

Name - Patia Petrova
Name Pronunciation: Pa-tee-a Pe-trova
Name Meaning - Stone
Playby: Danielle Campbell
Alias - {Give her some!}
Date of Birth - April 12, 1469
Age - Physically - 19/Actually - 540
Gender - Female
Nationality - Bulgarian
Home- Bulgaria
Current Residence-New Orleans
Current Occupation(s) - Waitress at Rousseau's
Species - Witch (Immortal/Cursed)
Reason leading to the first transition - N/A
Sire - N/A
Sired - N/A
Strength - Usual strength of a elder Witch
Weaknesses - Usual weakness of a elder Witch
Skin Color - Tanned
Eye Color - Light Green
Hair Color - Brunette
Hair Style - Naturally Curly/Sometimes Straight
Height - 5ft 6in {1.6m}.
Weight - 134lbs {60.8kg}.
Body Type - Toned
Health - Perfect.
Traits - Has a temper, but only if provoked, is faithful, loyal, easy going

Phobia(s) - Autophobia, also called monophobia, isolophobia, or eremophobia, is the specific phobia of isolation; a morbid fear of being egotistical, or a dread of being alone or isolated. Sufferers need not be physically alone, but just to believe that they are being ignored or unloved.

Disorders - N/A

Sexuality Orientation - Bisexual
Status - Single.
Date relationship Started - N/A.
The Lucky one - N/A.
Engaged - N/A.
Married - N/A.
Ex-Partner(s) - N/A

Amara † (Progenitor Of, Distant Ancestor)
Amara's Family and Relatives † (Distant Ancestors)
Tatia † (Ancestor)
Tatia's Family and Relatives † (Ancestors)
Tatia's Unnamed Child † (Ancestor)
Mr. Petrov † (Father)
Mrs. Petrova † (Mother)
Katerina Petrova (Older Sister)
Nadia Petrova † (Daughter)
Nadia's Child † (Grandchild)
Isobel Flemming † (Descendant)
Elena Gilbert (Descendant)

CONNECTIONS: {People can be added}

THEME SONG: Unstoppable by Sia {}

PHRASES: N/A (For now.)

BIO: TBM (To Be Made)
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Matt Bickford

Name - Matt Bickford
Name Pronunciation: M-at B-ick-ford
Name Meaning - The name Bickford has a long Anglo-Saxon heritage. The name comes from when a family lived in Bickford, which was the name of several places in England. The surname Bickford is derived from the Old English words becca, which refers to a type of ax, and ford, which refers to a shallow place in a river.
Playby: Nico Tortorella
Other names- Matthew, {Give him some}
Date of Birth - March 25,1997
Age - 21
Gender - Male
Nationality - American
Home- Tampa, Florida
Current Residence-New Orleans
Current Occupation(s) - Waitor/Bartender at Rousseau's
Species - Human
Reason leading to the first transition - N/A
Sire - N/A (can be discussed)
Sired - N/A
Strength - Usual strength of a human
Weaknesses - Usual weakness of a human
Skin Color - White/Tanned
Eye Color - Hazel
Hair Color - Dark/Black
Hair Style - Styled/Fohawk
Height - 5ft 3in
Weight - 110lbs
Body Type - Toned
Health - Perfect.
Traits - Has a temper, doesn’t trust very easily, is loyal to his friends, yet doesn’t have very many. Does not enjoy drama even though he seems to get in the middle of it all. Is a heavy drinker, when he goes out, due to his background and need to take his mind off of things from time to time.
Phobia(s) - Autophobia, also called monophobia, isolophobia, or eremophobia, is the specific phobia of isolation; a morbid fear of being egotistical, or a dread of being alone or isolated. Sufferers need not be physically alone, but just to believe that they are being ignored or unloved.
Coulrophobia- The fear of clowns.
Disorders - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)-Unable to stay focused on one thing for long periods of time. (Also the feeling of having to move around and cant stay still for long periods of time)

Sexuality Orientation - Gay
Status - Reserved for Anton (@devilsnight)
Date relationship Started - N/A.
The Lucky one - N/A.
Engaged - N/A.
Married - N/A.
Ex-Partner(s) - N/A

Mom- Elise Bickford
Dad- William Bickford
Brother(s)- Gilbert Bickford, John Bickord
Sister(s)- (None)

CONNECTIONS: {People can be added}

Theme song: “Monster/Monster (Reborn)” by Gabbie Hanna

BIO: Matt has had of what you could say a bumpy start to his life. When Matt was going into the sixth grade. Matt had met this guy online, his name was Timothy, now he didn’t know much about him as he had just met him that night and added him on his skype. Now Matt was still way to young to fully understand what “Gay” actually was, something about the whole concept with Timothy just felt right. And ever since then Matt had thought about the males that walked through the halls in between classes. He thought about things with them, things that he didnt exactly think was normal because he hadnt seen anything like it around. /Two guys making love?/ He thought to himself on several. /That just cant be a thing? Can it?/ Is another thing he would think to himself on several occasions. Yet he still did things online with his friend Timothy. Whenever he did that it just felt natural. Like nothing was wrong with it. So why was he not able to think it was a thing in school, but online by himself on a camera was okay? Well he did not want to get bullied or picked on for something he believed he was. So he just put it out if his mind. While he was in school, but when he was at home, when his parents and brothers went to sleep he was in that mindset that what he was doing was a good thing with Timothy. Then one day, in Matts Junior year just before his senior year. He was caught by his parents, his parents decided one day to look through his laptop. they would be horrified when they opened the laptop and Skype would pop up immediately. So when Matt got home from school that day, he had gotten into this huge fight with his parents, it resulted in him coming out to his parents, him telling them he was Gay, and then it went as far as to his father hitting him. So Matt then would become infuriated and retreated to his bedroom. He had thought and he had thought, well he was 18. He wasnt obligated to stay there, at his parent place. So he packed up his things but in the midst of everything he left his laptop so he never talked to Timothy again. He would get in his car and ride around for a bit never looking back. He decided that if his parents didn’t accept him for what he believed he was, for what he knew he was, he didnt need them. He drove for hours and what seemed like days on end, until finally he ended up in a town called New Orleans, in Louisiana. Now, he lives in an apartment and works as a Bartender/Waiter at Rousseau's, has been for about 3 years now, had not kept in contact with them even though they once in a while will try to contact him every once in a while. So he just goes about his days here in New Orleans, a 21 year old male, where will his story go from here? Only time will tell.
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