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22 / Male / Single
Pennsylvania - United States
Hello. I'm a special needs roleplayer. Typing is the only way I can communicate in general with people, so may as well get better at it. Most of the left hemisphere of my brain never developed due to the way I was born, so please be patient with me. I'm easily confused and not very sharp, I feel very bad when people are short with me. If you're willing to be patient with me and work with my disability, please send a request my way.

Latest Questions

Q. What's your favorite color?
A. Green
 May 12th 2019 13:53

Q. I have a husky. She just lays around tho. Big dogs just lay and chill
A. I only have one arm. Dog is too much.
 Mar 9th 2019 21:05

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I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Oct 3rd 2019 07:19

Hey, we never got to roleplaying. I havn't had a message from you since I added you and now unfriending people. Mind starting one with me?
Jul 19th 2019 11:39

May 21st 2019 23:54

Hello there! I'd love if we can roleplay sometime, hopefully we can exchange characters and such?
Apr 27th 2019 11:56