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(Park Hajung)
23 / Female / Married
Incheon, Korea (South)
Just your local mom~
Hurt my kids and I’ll come for your head.

I love you so much... @princejuncharming

@jiminiepabo @Allnight
Are all my besties

My lovely daughter : 08/31/19
My dear son: 04/12/14

Latest Status

Stayed up all night waiting for Jun, trying to get Yeona to sleep and keep Tae in bed.
I’m tired
4  4 hours ago

Latest Questions

HANSOLIE asked the question
Q. Nonna c:
A. Yes~?
 Jul 24th 2019 06:11

HANSOLIE asked the question
Q. Just don't be stressed it's not good for you
A. I know I won’t :) it manny good for the baby
 Jul 15th 2019 22:11

Latest Comments

I know the baby look like a smuched mochiiiI! it's so adorabllleee
Jul 18th 2019 19:34

awww! cuteeeee!
Jul 18th 2019 19:25

hellooo, thanks for the add!
hmu sometime, i'm Mila..
Jul 15th 2019 20:29

I'm on my wayyy!
Jul 10th 2019 21:15

Did he drew this for me???! :D
Jul 10th 2019 21:07

I'm coming~
Jul 6th 2019 19:47

Jul 6th 2019 19:34

Woahh~~~! Beautiful~
*Grabs you ass* hm~ Soft~
You look so pretty in it~~
Jul 6th 2019 19:33

Okay! *close his eyes*
Jul 6th 2019 19:30

Jul 6th 2019 19:27