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18 / Female / In a Relationship
United States
"Even if I raise my voice and sing
Even if I yell like a child
It is drowned out by a noise."

Hey, I'm Meiko. Nice to meet you guys or whatever.
I do a few different kinds of roleplay, hit me up for more info. Characters are in my photos, plots are in my blog. We can also make something up just between the two of us.
I try to be nice, most of the time, but sometimes I just can't. Life pisses me off...I'm sure you can relate. Also, a warning- I cuss a sh*t ton. If you're sensitive to that, I'd advise you to stay away.
Don't piss me off too much, I enjoy a fight sometimes but if you're going to try and destroy me, I will break you.

"Break it, break it, break it, break it
Break it, break it, break it, I don't need it, break it
All the red, red words
I don't need it, I don't need anything
Ah, it's all worthless
We're better off apart."

-Shoutouts and sh*t go here-


@TheRealKaitoShion is my adorable brother, he's been there for me when nobody else was, ever since we were both little. I love him to death and if you try to take him from me or hurt him I won't hesitate to break you. He's adorable, innocent, and an absolute floofy boi, and he deserves the world for how sweet he is. >if you need cuddles, seek him out.<

@unlovely is my mom, she's always here for me and I really enjoy her company. She looks tough but she's honestly a big sweetie, go check her out.

@ConfinedDespair is my best friend here, he's an amazing guy and really sweet when he wants to be. He respects my limits and personality, and he's overall just a great person in my life. Honestly all you d*ckheads need to quit being a**holes to him just 'cause he's a perv or a guy, he actually has a really nice side and might ACTUALLY show that to you if you aren't such a third-grader.

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Lmao looky here, anyone know her? :D
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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yeah I did. F*** off.
 Apr 6th 2019 10:13

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Meiko X Celestiathey gay they cliche, and I think Celestia's ready to lay.
13 hours ago

Jul 6th 2019 00:13