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19 / Female / Single
Hello visitor and welcome to my page!

Simple 19 years old girl (she/her), here to write amazing stories and to discover new people, even build new friendships if the right conditions are met! xx

A few things about me:

I love rich and detailed stories with a good plot! So please, if you want to start a RP, don’t message me already in character, I’d much rather discuss OOC with you beforehand!:) I also absolutely love to write ero/N*FW, as long as we have a bit of a story around it.

In the same line of thought, one liners and slice of life roleplays aren’t really my cup of tea so if that’s what you are looking for, I don’t think I’m the right RP partner for you.

I will never pressure you into responding within a certain amount of time (Although, I might send a small reminder if I’m really invested in the story or have a lot of time to write at that moment!), I live a very occupied and fulfilling life outside of RPG so I absolutely understand that you probably do too!

I think it’s important to mention that even though I consider myself to be pretty literate, English isn’t my first language. Because of that, it may take a bit longer to write something since I always take some time to correct any writing mistake I can spot.

Don’t be shy to message me, my DMs are a safe space and I love discussing OOC! To the pleasure of meeting some of you wonderful roleplayers!^^

**Can’t a gigantic monster with a fat c.ock slide in my dms and offer to f.uck me raw, I’ve been good, I deserve it <3 also... are group RP f.uck sesh a thing on this website???***

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