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/ some personal issues are happening and i will try to be back tomorrow. i’m very upset and being here is not the best for me.
2  Nov 28th 2021 00:24

Latest Questions

FRISSON asked the question
Q. club intro. i called them earlier to ask about renting the place out for a night, and it took a little convincing but they finally agreed. [:
A. ugh, f*** yes. just tell them we’ll pay whatever amount necessary. i think we should have an open bar for a few hours.
 Nov 26th 2021 14:58

FRISSON asked the question
Q. i think i've found the perfect place for the party. :)
A. OOOO where
 Nov 26th 2021 14:36

Latest Comments

hello hello mr jimin
Nov 27th 2021 22:46

yes hello welcome to my office
Nov 27th 2021 19:35

I love you, nugget! <3
Don't ever forget it.
Nov 26th 2021 15:38

wow can't believe you had the audacity to not like either of my posts today. we're breaking up. </3
Nov 14th 2021 20:48