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INKS's Blog


( ◜‿◝ )੭. * RULES —

♡ first of all, i do have other accounts. it's easier for me to manage my ocs that way. my other accounts are @FEVER and @INSOMNIA. i may have you added on one or the other.
♡ i am not a friend collector. if you add me and don't interact within three days, you're being unadded.
♡ no one-liners, please. semi is fine but it's just hard for me to stay interested with one or two lines.^^
♡ do not be weird to me oorp. by this i mean flirting or whatever. id love to be friends but there's boundaries.
♡ no furries.
♡ do not interact if you or your muse is a minor.
♡ don't rush me to reply within a day. if it's been more than a few days, i will understand. often times i'll check in briefly by logging in without replying to anyone, so please don't think i'm ignoring you.
♡ don't be a d*ck and don't start drama.
♡ i will not respond if you attempt to kill my character, control my character, include rape, or pedophilia in our roleplay.
♡ i will not change my character's job for a certain plot.
♡ third person only.
♡ if you have read my rules all the way through, message me your favorite scary movie.
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( ꣑୧ ^_^ ♡ ❛ CINDERELLA —
. . . a certain girl, she took my hand and ran it up her thigh

( name ) park faline / linnie
( age ) twenty-four / 022598
( height ) 5'3 / 160 cm
( occupation ) tattoo artist
( tattoos ) multiple on arms, one on thigh of deadpool
( piercings ) only her navel and ears, for now.

( ꣑୧ ^_^ ♡ ❛ RUNNIN BACK —
. . . once you have me you'll always come back, she can't behave

- she is not on good terms with her mother. as she used to have the same name as her, she decided to go by another and officially cut all ties with her once she got a job.

- due to the law that tattoo parlors in korea must be run by licensed doctors, she runs an underground business.

- she's selective about who she tells this to due to obvious reasons. when anyone asks what her job is, she'll simply say she's an artist.

- she currently lives alone with her two cats - bingsoo and baby.

( ꣑୧ ^_^ ♡ ❛ TAKE FIVE —
. . . higher heels and lipstick napkins, dying is your latest fashion

faline is a playful young woman. she likes to enjoy herself, and because of this, has been labeled as a 'party animal' by friends. she believes she should live life to the fullest. perhaps it makes her a bit childish, but she never truly cared about what others think.

despite this, she's been known to have a temper. she doesn't really let out her frustration in healthy ways, either; she often smokes, or explodes, and if she's angry enough, she's been said to say curse and say cruel things. she finds it kind of silly and embarrassing, especially considering she's sensitive and would blow up if someone was like that towards her. she knows she's hypocritical.

aside from her passion, she's an ambitious girl that takes her job very seriously. she has to, anyway, or she's f***ed.

she wonders if it would be safe to have a family this way. it's a dream of hers, still, to have a loving husband she can take care of. or, maybe she's just a fan of cheesy romantic films and disney movies. who isn't? she's never really been able to keep a relationship due to personal reasons, so she'd simply have one night stands if she needs to.
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