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(BLITZ (O) (Jung Hoseok))
24 / Male / Its Complicated
Satan's Ass, Korea (South)

   The following profile contains graphic violence,
  naughty language, horny humans, horny other things,
  and is intended for mature audiences.


Latest Questions

IGNEOUS asked the question
Q. Need cuddles.
A. Say please and I will~
 Dec 16th 2021 20:54

IGNEOUS asked the question
Q. It's cold
A. It is, yes.
Why the mention of it?
 Dec 16th 2021 20:38

Latest Comments

Hi f***face <3
Dec 24th 2021 12:43

Hey <3
Dec 17th 2021 15:14

Yes i do <3
Dec 16th 2021 22:50

You f***ing tease. F***errrr!!! <3
Dec 16th 2021 22:38

Lord help me
Dec 16th 2021 22:14

It will. It'll hurt me. >.>
Dec 16th 2021 22:06

Good, I wasn't gonna anyways ;p
Fgvhbyjukiko!!! As much as we both, /clearly/, love it, that's f***ing cruellll <3
Dec 16th 2021 21:27

GOOD. <3
Cause I ain't f***ing changing, especially when I know you love it :)
Dec 16th 2021 21:25

Good. I'm a needy whore I know but- :P <3
Dec 16th 2021 21:13

Dec 16th 2021 21:10