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Hyunwoo's Blog

Rules for the princess

A certain little princess needs a few guide lines..

Basic rules

‣ Trust and respect daddy; because he trust and respects his princess too.

‣ Always get at least 8 hours of sleep.

‣ No self harm or putting yourself down

‣ Eat breakfast, lunch an dinner. No skipping.

‣ Don't lie to daddy.

‣ No swearing.

‣ If princess wants to eat snacks, ask daddy first.

‣ No backtalking

‣ Tell daddy if he makes you uncomfortable

‣ Tell daddy when you are unwell or sad.

‣ If you're upset tell daddy.

‣ Daddy respects that princess needs alone time, but tell daddy first.

Rules before bed

‣ Make sure to wash up

‣ Remove make up and brush teeth

‣ Brush hair

‣ Bed time is :10 - 11 pm, unless daddy says otherwise

Rules waking up

‣ Wash up, brush teeth and hair.

‣ Eat something

Rules when going out

‣ Stay close to daddy, don't wander off

‣ Behave don't be a grumpy baby.

‣ 'No' means 'No' remember that.


‣ Time out

‣ Stuffies in stuffie jail

‣ No cuddles

‣ No internet or TV

‣ Spanking (You need to make daddy really angry for this)

‣ Early bed time

‣ No snacks

‣ New stuffie

‣ Play time with daddy

‣ Pamper day

‣ Cuddle date

‣ Blanket fort

Etc.. Princess can have a say in the rewards to these are just examples~

Remember baby girl.. Daddy does this because he loves you and wants you safe hmm.

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